Jimmy Pai


I was born in Taiwan, and grew up in Victoria, BC. I did my undergraduate degree at Queen’s University in Kingston, followed by a bachelors in education. I am currently a secondary mathematics teacher at the local public school board in Ottawa, and at the same time working on my M.A. at the University of Ottawa under the supervision of Dr. Christine Suurtamm.

Research Interest

 I am interested in a variety of topics in mathematics education – classroom culture, identity, engagement, assessment, learning – and the list continues to grow as I explore further into the world of practice and the world of academia (not that the two are exclusive). For my thesis, I am focusing on educational assessment in mathematics education. More specifically I am exploring the relationship among teacher, student, and alternative sources of evidence of student learning in secondary mathematics education. I am interested in the “how, what, why, when” of the use of observations and conversations within a mathematics classroom.


1. Pai, J. (2014). Incorporating inquiry-based learning in assessments and evaluations. Paper presented at the Canadian Mathematics Education Forum (CMEF), Ottawa, ON, May.