Richard Barwell


I am originally from the UK, where I studied mathematics at the University of Warwick and then became a mathematics teacher. I worked first at a high school in the UK and then as a teacher and teacher educator in Pakistan (with VSO), where I became interested in the role of languages in learning mathematics. Returning to study, I completed a master’s and doctorate in mathematics education at the University of Bristol, where I subsequently taught in the master’s and doctoral programs in education. In 2006, I moved to the University of Ottawa.

Research Interest 

My research looks at the role of language in learning and teaching mathematics. I am interested in how teachers use language in their teaching of mathematics and how students use language to think about mathematics. I have investigated how second language learners or bilingual learners participate in school mathematics. I have investigated how mathematicians use language to talk about mathematics. And I have investigated how researchers use language to write about mathematical thinking. More recently, I have become interested in how mathematics education can address the issue of climate change.


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