Yasmine Abtahi


Dr. Yasmine Abtahi is an Associate Professor in the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and a part time Professor at the University of Ottawa. She began her career as a professor at the University of Ottawa, Canada, in 2011. In her PhD study (2013-2016), she studied and criticised aspects of the socio-cultural historical view of Vygotsky on signs, tools and the Zone of Proximal Development, in the context of the teaching and learning of mathematics.

Research Interest 

In her current research, Yasmine focuses on a critical exploration of the philosophical and epistemological underpinnings of social, historical, and cultural (and intercultural) studies in the field of mathematics education. She investigates if and how the domination of a certain form of mathematical knowledge – as can be seen in the similarities among mathematics curricula around the world – privileges the domination of ways of knowing (unintentionally?) privileges and dominates certain cultures over the others, leading to (unwanted?) oppression and discrimination. In other words, by ignoring the diverse range of ways of knowing that exists in the world, students’ abilities to act, interact and learn could be diminished, thus propagating multiple injustices.


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