Yasmine Abtahi


I did my BSc in Electrical Engineering, in Iran. In 1999, I moved to Canada, worked at Nortel Networks for six years, then switch career to become a teacher, and did my BEd at University of Windsor. In 2006, I did my MEd at the University of Ottawa, then taught mathematics and physics at a school designed for students with dyslexia. In 2011, I started to work as a part time professor at University of Ottawa, where in 2013 I started my doctoral study, under the supervision of Dr. Barwell.

Research Interest 

I am interested in “things kids think with”; that is tools that kids interact with to learn mathematics. My research looks at tools, both ones that are designed in such a way that carry mathematical meanings, such as an abacus, and ones that are not necessary designed that way, such as an apple or a piece of paper. To analyse children’s interactions with these tools, I look at both children’s perception and the physical properties of the tools. I also am interested in environmental issues as they relate to learning of mathematics.


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