Date Conférencier Sujet
31 jan Philip Clarkson, Australian Catholic University A paradox? Students, mathematical well-being  Poster
11 avr Jennifer Hall, Université d’Ottawa Exploring students’ gendered relationships with mathematics  Poster
30 mai Richard Barwell, Barbara Graves, Alison Goss, Fatima Assaf, and Osnat Fellus, Université d’Ottawa Mathematics, language
and multilingual learners
sep-déc 2013  les membres de l’unité groupe de lecture
sep-déc 2013  les membres de l’unité séance de recherche
Oct 2013 Yasmine Abtahi, Université d’Ottawa
Mathematics workshops Poster
Oct 29th 2013 Dr George Gadanidis, In search of cool answers to: « What did you do in math today? » Poster
19 Nov 2013 Bill Zahner, University of Boston
Between Words and Concepts: How two Algebra Teachers Introduced Slope and Rate in their Linguistically Diverse Classes  Poster